Join us on the ultimate journey to professional joy and freedom.

Are you feeling burnt out, bored out, or frustrated by work, but can't figure out how to make a change? Do you secretly think there has to be more to life than working long hours in a job you don't like? Trust me, I've been there, and I know there's a way out. Join me on The Career Change masterclass and let's figure out how to create a career (and life) you truly love.

Meet Your Instructor.

Natalia Schmid

I've been a dentist, an education manager, a communication specialist, an entrepreneur, and a life & business mentor. Through it all, I have learned that career change has little to do with transferrable skills and job search tactics (even though both are relevant!). Instead, it has everything to do with answering these questions: Who am I? What do I want in life? How do I make an impact with my career? When it comes to success, there are two things I know for sure. The first one is this: You already have all the answers you need inside of you to create a life and career you truly love. The second is this: It is so much easier not to walk this path alone. It will be my honor and joy to help you unlock your own answers, connect you with a group of like-minded career changers, and support you in creating a life and career you are passionate for.

What clients are saying about me


by Clara, from Spain

Before I met Natalia, I thought I would never be happy at work. She helped me realize everything I had to offer and gave me the courage to apply for jobs that I was much more interested in. Thank you, Natalia!


by Soraya, from Switzerland

Natalia helped me see my potential better than I saw it myself at the time. Her coaching sessions helped me gain clarity of my life and business vision and achieve goals that I thought were out of my reach.


by Paul, from Switzerland

When I started my business, Natalia helped me see how my past negative business experiences were getting in the way of my present success and helped me get my entrepreneurial career off the ground.

My promise of change

This masterclass will help you...

  • Gain awareness on how you are getting in the way of your own success.

  • Gain trust in your own inner wisdom and your capacity to create true change in your life and career.

  • Reconnect with your life's purpose and reason for existing.

  • Create an overall vision for your life which can guide your career change.

  • Gain clarity on realistic, potential options for your new career and courage to take a next step in the right direction.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Welcome to Week One.

    • Week one runs March 8th through March 12th

  • 3

    Intuition, Our Way Home.

    • Monday, March 8th we will discuss the transformational power of using our intuition vs. our minds when making important life and career decisions.

  • 4

    Intuition: Science or Hocus Pocus?

    • Tuesday, March 9th we will analyze and learn to listen to the different ways in which our intuition speaks to us in our daily lives.

  • 5

    Money, Career, and Success: Understanding Our Limiting Beliefs.

    • Thursday, March 11th, we will start to understand how our negative beliefs around money, career, and success hold us back from creating the career change we want.

  • 6

    Money, Career, and Success: Dismantling Limiting Beliefs, Part II.

    • Friday, March 12th, we will gain further awareness on how our negative beliefs around money, career and success influence our career realities, and set the tone for true and sustainable mindset shifts which can support true change.

  • 7

    Welcome to Week Two.

    • Week two runs March 15th through March 19th.

  • 8

    Fear, Your Worse Enemy. Fear, Your Best Friend.

    • Monday, March 15th we will discuss the role fear plays in reinforcing our negative beliefs and start to understand how our own particular set of fears might be holding us back from creating true change.

  • 9

    The Transformational Power of Pain.

    • Tuesday, March 16th, we will discuss how our most pervasive negative beliefs might be rooted in painful past experiences, and how facing them can catalyse meaningful change.

  • 10

    Transforming Your Career Story: How to Become Your Own Superhero.

    • Thursday, March 18th, we will find the silver lining to our stories of failure and pain and use them as a catalyst to find new career directions.

  • 11

    Fear, What do You Want From Me?: Navigating the Dark.

    • Friday, March 19th, we will discuss effective strategies to manage and use fear to our advantage.

  • 12

    Week three: Break.

    • March 22nd through 26th we will be taking a break to settle and reflect on the insights gained during weeks one and two.

  • 13

    Welcome to Week Four.

    • Week four runs March 29th through April 2nd.

  • 14

    Joy: Your Springboard for Career Change.

    • Monday, March 29th, we will discuss how joy and career purpose go hand in hand, and hunt for clues of past and present moments of true joy and purpose.

  • 15

    What Drives You?: The Importance of Values.

    • Tuesday, March 30th we will discuss the importance of embracing our individual value sets when creating change.

  • 16

    Are You a Generalist or a Specialist?: The Importance of Personality.

    • Thursday, April 1st, we will discuss how our personalities make us a better match to certain types of careers.

  • 17

    Learned skills vs. Innate Talents: What Matters Most?

    • Friday, April 2nd, we will discuss the difference between learned skills and innate talents and learn how to make the most out of both.

  • 18

    Welcome to Week Five.

    • Week five runs April 5th through April 9th.

  • 19

    Putting Purpose First: Healing the World through Your Career Change.

    • Monday, April 5th we will draft a purpose statement for your career and gain understanding on how we can put our talents and passions in the service of something greater than us.

  • 20

    Putting You First: The Importance of Lifestyle.

    • Tuesday, April 6th, we will discuss work-life balance and how career change can integrate with our overall lifestyle.

  • 21

    Drafting Your Life's Vision.

    • Thursday, April 8th, we will draw on what we have discovered during weeks four and five to design a powerful life vision which can guide and give clarity to the process of career change.

  • 22

    What Next?

    • Friday, April 9th, we will brainstorm different possible next steps and encourage you to choose one bold, next step in the right direction.

  • 23

    BONUS LESSON: Is Entrepreneurship for You?

    • This lesson explores the intricacies of 'making it' in the entrepreneurial world and helps you understand if entrepreneurship could indeed be for you.

  • 24

    BONUS LESSON: How Worried Should I Be About Money?

    • This lesson explores one of the most common fears around career change, and offers advice and insights on how to manage it effectively.

  • 25


    • Surprise bonus lesson.


  • What's included in this masterclass?

    By enrolling, you have full access to the semi-live course, running from March 5th to April 9th, and full access to all course materials until December 31st, 2022. You can also join a private LinkedIn group with other supportive career changers and with myself.

  • Is the course live or self-paced?

    The Career Change Masterclass is a semi-live, self-paced course. New lessons and exercises will be posted to the classroom every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during weeks 1, 2, 4, and 5 (week 3 is a break designed to help you settle the insights gained during the first two weeks). You are free to access and complete each new lesson whenever you like. However, I recommend that you take the lessons in order, as each consecutive lesson builds on the one before.

  • How much interaction can I expect with the instructor?

    I will be available via the LinkedIn group throughout the entire semi-live course (except during the break week), answering your course material questions. The exercises will not be individually corrected, and 1:1 sessions are not included in this course package but can be booked separately upon request.

  • I'm unhappy at work, but am not sure of what direction I should take with my career change. Is this course for me?

    Absolutely. The Career Change Masterclass is designed to help you tap into your unexplored potential and bring it to life in the form of feasible career options. Not having clarity on where you are going right now is not a hurdle, it's an asset because it means you will stay open-minded and curious throughout the process. The willingness to find your own answers (even when it's uncomfortable) and to take bold steps in the right direction (even when you're scared) is all you need at this point.

  • I have too many ideas for my career change. Is this course for me?

    Yes! If you have too many ideas of what to do next with your career, you might be a multi-potentialite, which is great news. This course will help you both gain clarity on the next step of your career and create a purpose statement that can guide your career in the long-run.

  • Will I be ready to change careers after finalizing this course?

    Maybe, maybe not. Career change is an individual process influenced by many factors, including past experiences and fears, self-love, and your capacity to stay open and take bold (and sometimes uncomfortable) steps in the right direction. It is a beautiful and vulnerable process which cannot be rushed. The Career Change Masterclass is designed to give you the tools, insight, inspiration and strength to make a change. Your timing and actual process will be as individual as you are.

  • I want to change careers, but am not willing or able to take a pay cut or make significant lifestyle changes at this point. Is this course for me?

    No pain, no gain, my friend. Even though this masterclass is designed to help you create the life and career you truly want (and money is indeed a part of that), there is no guarantee that you will not have to take a pay cut or adjust your lifestyle in the short term in order to make your mid and long-term vision work. That being said, career change is a great opportunity to align your career with your life's true purpose, and that is, in turn, a great way to increase your income in the long run. Why? Because the more fulfilled you are at work, the more value you will create, and true value generally attracts money.

  • Will this course offer me the opportunity to connect with prospective employers and headhunters?

    Even though the LinkedIn group offers you the opportunity to connect with interesting people who might be able to open doors for you, it is not the object of this course to connect you with potential employers or headhunters.